Our Business

Global Exposure

Saudi Arab  |  Europe  |  Singapore  |  Vietnam  |  Taiwan  |  China

We are expert in exporting "made in Malaysia" products to oversea market. We have a variety of business partners across the globe, and we had been exporting our products to oversea market without fail. Ourcustomer are very satisfied with our product quality and thisis the main reason why they keep collaborating together with us.

OEM Services

Interested in expanding your business with fan products? Or wanted to create your own brand of ceiling fan? Our company do provide Original Equipment Manufactuer (OEM) services to cater for your needs. Just let us know what you need and we will do the rest. As simple as that!

New Product Development

Have a fascinating idea which is out of this world but don't know where to start off with? We provide new product design and development services to help you come up with new product, and we even go one step ahead to help you mass product and market your products out.

Assembly Services

We help our customer to do assembly and other production related processes, as per what is required by the customer. 

Plastic Injection

With many years of experience in plastic injection and trading, we could provide plastic injection services in a cost effective manner.

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