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OEM / ODM Manufacturing.

Your fan, your way.

Fully customize or build your fan of choice for any project. We specialize in OEM and ODM fan manufacturing, providing tailored fan solutions that align perfectly with your unique requirements.  With a record of over 150+ models developed for various companies, we’ve helped raised revenue and sales with our quality fan manufacturing.

Engineering Support

Get design modifications, tech support, and training from our expert fan engineers.

Various Fan Choices

Don't get stuck on one. We have over 20+ in house models to choose from and to make it yours.

Logistics Support

Keep your schedule free as we handle your logistics and transportation wherever you are.

After Sales Service

Something went wrong? Don't sweat it, we're here to help solve any issues quick and fast.

Dedicated Experts

Experience unmatched expertise today. We’re committed to delivering the ultimate fan experience.


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