Ventilation Fan Series

12” Wall-Mounted Ventilation Fan EB12VF15

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Voltage: 220-240V /50Hz
Rated Power: 48 W
Fan Blade Size: 12 inches
Dimension: 400mm x 400mm x 126mm
Cover Material: Quality ABS Plastics
Enclosure: Automated Metal Shutter
Air Delivery: 18 m3/min
Installation Opening: 345mm x 345mm
Colour Selection: White | Gold

*product specification subjected to change without prior notice

Full Heavy-Duty Metal Body with Automatic Shutter

Our Eco Breeze Wall Mounted Ventilation Fan EB12VF15 is built with high quality metal to ensure long lasting & heavy-duty usage. Built in automatic shutter to ensure no foreign object can enter after the usage.

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Say Byes to Odours, Fumes & Moisture!

Our Eco Breeze Wall Mounted Ventilation Fan EB12VF15 can deliver 18m3/min & able to quickly pull excess moisture & unwanted odours out from your kitchen or bathroom!

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Preventing an Area Becoming Too Hot!

Activities such as cooking & showering can quickly built up heat in an area! Our Eco Breeze Wall Mounted Ventilation Fan EB12VF15 can quickly cool down your kitchen or bathroom!

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Improving Indoor Air Quality

By removing humidity, odours & contaminants. Our Eco Breeze Wall Mounted Ventilation Fan EB12VF15 can vent out stagnant air to allow fresh air to fill the gap.

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Quiet & Low Wattage

Our Eco Breeze Wall Mounted Ventilation Fan EB12VF15 rated with 48W only & it work quietly for its built yet efficiently to remove odors, humidity, moisture & contaminants.

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Eco Motor Technologies

We stand proud of our engineering; All our motors are built to save energy!

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Eco Breeze Wall Mounted Ventilation Fans EB12VF15 is Certified!

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