60” Metal Blade Ceiling Fans With Regulator (EB-6016)

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Voltage: 220-240V /50Hz
Rated Power: 70 W
Fan Blade Size: 60 inches Metal Blade
Cover Material: Quality ABS Plastics
Speed Variation: 5 speed
Air Delivery: 256 m3/min
Fan Speed: 295 rpm
Noise Level: < 60dB

*product specification subjected to change without prior notice

Providing Comfortable Wind Flow For Your Family

Ceiling Fans are an essential item in every Malaysian home due to our weather and Eco Breeze's EB6016 Ceiling Fans is the solution to cool your home.

Saving on Your Monthly Electricity Bills

Electric bills on the high side? A standard AC ceiling fan rates between 75W to 120W. While Eco Breeze's EB6016 Ceiling Fan is at only 70W!


10 years? Is it possible?

We know, with so much daily use in long durations, it's hard to believe that ceiling fans can last up to 10 years. Well it's true! Providing that fan manufacturers are using consistent and quality materials it does go the distance. Our EB6016 started operations since 2013 and our customers are still loving it's still running so well!


With Color Options

Our EB-6016 comes with two color options, in simple white or black. Easy to match your home's decoration or environment.


Triple Safety Feature

1. Anti-Vibration Plate
Common Ceiling Fans problems include wobbling which is scary! Usually due to imbalance motor or strong vibration. Eco Breeze EB6016 Ceiling Fans comes with Anti-Vibration Plate to help suppress vibration & create better motor balance. At the same time, it can help resolve wobbling issues.

2. Double Bolt Feature
Another common question is: will the ceiling fan falls? Our take is, It won't if installed properly with experience installer. However, to accommodate this concern. Our Ceiling Fan use double bolt to secure the rod between the motor & the rod to ensure if one bolt fail, it provide signals for us to replace or repair.

3. Safety Wire
To triple the safety feature. We include Safety Wire that could wish stood up to 100kg in case double bolt feature fail & it could provide ample time for people underneath it to escape.


Eco Breeze EB6016 is Certified!



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EB-6016 web cover-01

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