Why Buy an Air Cooler!?

There is a lot of misconception about air cooler! Example,
Expensive for its size la,
Not as cold as Air Conditioner,
Must connect to water pipe or must consistently supply water,
used a lot of electricity,
Ugly design & more ~
Well, if you can relate to one the example above. Congratulation, you have come to the right place!

Does The Argument Valid for Air Cooler?

The answer is yes & no. There is some Air Cooler which sold at very high price, while for those in small size cannot perform as good as bigger Air Cooler. This misconception is right. However, in comparison with Air Conditioner. Air Cooler has better advantages,

1st - No Installation Required!


Basically, it’s plug & play while air conditioner itself may not be too expansive (depend on functionality & brand) but you may need fork out more money for compressor & installation afterward. Our Eco Breeze Air Cooler is the same. Unbox it, plug into wall plug & on it! No Installation required. For its size, it is considered very affordable in the market.

2nd – It Does Not Mean to Replace Air Conditioner Entirely!


Purpose of Air Cooler is to provide comfortable air flow, cooler air & portability.

For that reason, it doesn’t require a compressor to work & replaced it with water, fan and a saturate cooling media to create cool air.

The result? Our Eco Breeze Air Cooler can effectively lower down a enclosed room temperature by 3 – 8 degree Celsius with 5 times lower power consumption in comparison to air conditioner.

3rd – Air Cooler Breath Balanced & Fresh Air


Air Conditioner usually breath Dry & Stagnant Air. If used in enclosed space, the room will be dryer & dryer hence resulting in dry lips, dry skin, sometime bad for lungs. In comparison to our Eco Breeze Air Cooler, it can now breath fresh air with infused Ionizer technologies & at the same time purify the bacteria’s! A Balance humidity is very important to our skin too as too high will irritate our skins while too low will cause others issues.

4th – Reduce Carbon Footprint on Earth!


For environmentally conscious consumers, air coolers are an ideal solution for keeping cool without the use of refrigerants to cool your home. Most air coolers use a natural process that cools the air using motion and water. This process won’t add ozone-harming pollutants or other chemicals to the environment.

Our Eco Breeze Air Cooler can do exactly this with our dual cylinder. Double the Air Delivery, Tripling Down the Pollution!

5th – Minimalist Design with Sleek Touch Display Panel


In comparison to Air Conditioner, Our Eco Breeze Air Cooler is designed for home use. We put our consumer interior design as priorities. This Air Cooler can be easily place In any edge of your home & delivering cooler air without you realizing it.

At the same time, with built-in Touch Display. You can control between normal mode, cool mode & sleep mode. Besides that, you can also check your room temperature with our built-in temperature sensor & manually control the ionizer function!

Finally, our Air Circulator comes with 30L water tank that allow you to run it continuously for 15 hours before the next refill!

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