Ceiling Mounted Air Circulator with Remote Control (EB3338)

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Voltage: 220-240V /50Hz
Rated Power: 45 W
Fan Blade Size: 14 inches
Dimension: 598mm x 598mm x 223.5mm
Cover Material: Quality ABS Plastics
Speed Variation: 3 speed
Lighting Mode: 4 variations
Air Delivery: 90 m3/min
Coverage Area: 3m x 3m x 3m (estimated value)
*product specification subjected to change without prior notice

Disinfect 99% Of Airborne Bacteria For Clean Environment*

Humans inhale about 10,000L of air each day while indoor air quality can be 8โ€“10 times more polluted than outside air! Our Eco Breeze Ceiling Air Circulator EB3338 infused with photocatalysis technologies solves your indoor pollution issues by eliminating and disinfecting 99% of airborne bacteria!

*Tested and proven by Microlab USA


Low Ceiling Height Installation

With modern interior design, plaster ceilings are getting more common in households causing low ceiling heights which makes installing ceiling fans difficult. With an air circulator, you can easily install one worry free without compromising your interior aesthetics. Air circulators may not replace ceiling fans in terms of pure air delivery, but it can help circulate air thoroughly leaving a comfortable cooling experience.


Cutting Down Your Air Conditioner Bills Up To 70%!

Our Ceiling Air Circulator EB3338 works well with your air conditioner & MOST IMPORTANTLY it helps reduce the workload of your air conditioner. Every 1-degree Celsius in air conditioner temperature setting could help to save up to 8% electricity consumption. You may wonder, HOW?! Continue Reading!


Wind Chill Effect

Our Ceiling Air Circulator EB3338 creates a wind chill effect, helping you to feel a few degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. Meaning, set your air conditioner to 25 degree or 27 degree & you'll feel like it's at 24 degree. Hence, reducing the reliance on your air conditioner.


Eco Motor Technologies

We stand proud of our engineering; In comparison to Ceiling Fans in terms of power consumption. Our Eco Breeze Ceiling Air Circulator EB3338 is rated at only 45W!


Control Remotely with Speed Variance

Our Eco Breeze Ceiling Air Circulator EB3338 comes with a remote control which allow you to turn on, off, adjusting the speed of the fan to your needs, or having it oscillate in 360 degrees.


Eco Breeze EB3338 Certified!



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EB-3338 cover web-01

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