Solution to office room

The healthy air is essential in your workplace, so all the colleagues can feel comfortable and freshly focus on their work. An uncomfortable atmosphere will have a distraction, and your employees might fall ill due to the stuffy air.

Our air circulator has the ionizer to produce fresher air, comes with the lighting fixture, and drives the air to every corner in a room. Its an all-in-one fan product for your workplace. Hence, you save a lot from buying these products separately.

Above all, our air circulator is an energy-saving fan which will make your office feel cooler by 2 to 3 degree Celsius, which subsequent rely less on the air conditioner to reach a certain Celsius.


Office waiting area


Office room

Benefits to office room

  • Improve working condition
  • Eliminate hot spot and dead angle
  • Save on maintenance cost
  • Reduce air-cond capacity
  • save on lighting installation