Solution to mall and building complexes

Great excessive use of air conditioners will boost up the electricity bill. This situation happens in commercial places like the mall and building complexes with crowded people.

Air circulators will be the right combination with fewer air conditioners, which will lower the electricity consumption significantly. Moreover, less usage of air conditioners will also reduce its maintenance costs.

Eco Breeze air circulator has a purifier technology for better air quality to the shoppers and comes with lighting fixtures. With better air quality produces from the air circulator, all the food at the food section will maintain their freshness at a longer time.

Another fan product to recommend is the High Volume Low Speed fan. Short form is HVLS fan. It's an industrial fan that moves the most air over the extensive area at the lowest cost. Suitable for large areas like a warehouse, factory, store room, mall, airport, assembly hall, etc.


Air circulator installed in indoor market of building complex


Air circulator installed indoor

Benefits to mall and building complexes

  • Reduce centralised air-cond burden
  • Maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables
  • Eliminate odour and purify indoor air
  • Provide sufficient lighting
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction
  • Reduce daily operational and maintenance cost