Solution to logistic center

Good air circulation is a necessity in a logistic center. All kinds of stocks in a single place needs better air ventilation and reasonable cooling temperature. Not too cold and not too humid. Air conditioners alone cant achieve that. So we need an air circulator.

Air circulators can do what air conditioners cant do alone; circulator the whole indoor air evenly with the right coolness. Its to maintain the stocks from a high level of water vapor in the atmosphere. Not just benefiting the stocks, the employees there will have a comfortable working environment.

And of course, using fewer air conditioners will reduce electricity spending with air circulators.

Another fan product to recommend is the High Volume Low Speed fan. Short form is HVLS fan. It's an industrial fan that moves the most air over the extensive area at the lowest cost. Suitable for large areas like a warehouse, factory, store room, mall, airport, assembly hall, etc.


Logistic center indoor area

Benefits to logistic center

  • Keeps the air circulating inside of your facility, which keeps the inside comfortable no matter how hot it is outside
  • Health benefit – Reduce the risk of a number of health issues like asthma, allergies, and headaches. 
  • Save on operational and maintenance cost
  • Provide lighting and air circulation
  • Reduce air cond consumption
  • Improve working condition
  • Improve humidity level