Solution to karaoke centre and bars

Entertainment places like bars, karaoke centers, pubs, and clubs are crowded and sometimes congested during the weekends. The air will have body odor, food smells, cigarette smokes, etc.

For this kind place, better use fewer air conditioners and more on air circulators. The air circulator will move the air to every corner in the place and purify the bad air quality. Moreover, warm food will be around these places; we don't want the guests' food to get cold by the direct air blowing from the air conditioners.

Eco Breeze air circulators have ambient lighting, which is very suitable for all these night entertainment places.


Bar indoor area


Air circulator lighting in a indoor area

Benefits to karaoke centre and bars

  • Eliminate smoke odour
  • Provide ambient lighting environment
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Eliminate hot spot and dead angle
  • Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction