Solution to gymnasium

Healthy air is essential for a gymnasium. A gym or health club does not need to smell like a high school gym did after a wrestling match or intense basketball game. Poor indoor air quality and sub par gym ventilation does not promote good health; that drive customer away.

Bacteria-sized particles quickly become airborne, causing the spread of germs between us. Poor indoor air quality can trap bacteria and encourage growth unless you do something about it.

If you do not correct the gym ventilation problem it will causing uncomfortable conditions:
  • Humid air is the breeding ground for mold and mildew growth
  • Viruses and bacteria thrive in humid air
  • Humid air can cause musty smells
  • Higher energy bills
  • System breakdown

  • With proper air conditioning and gym ventilation you can rid your space of unpleasant odours and provide your clients with the healthy environment they were looking for when they joined your gym.

    Our Eco Breeze Air Circulator EB-3338 has the feature to disinfect air bacteria by 99%, which tested and proven Microlab USA.


Inside gymnasium


Exercise area

Benefits to gymnasium

  • Improve indoor quality
  • Deodourisation function; eliminate odour and purify indoor air
  • Enhance internal air circulation
  • Provide sufficient lighting
  • Control indoor humidity