Solution to food and beverage

It's highly recommended not to use the air conditioner or ceiling fan in your restaurants or eatery, entirely. The excessive cold air from the air cond and the direct air blowing from the ceiling or wall fan will jeopardize the customers' food warmness.

The serving food will get cold fast, and your customers won't be enjoying it. Most likely, they wont be returning to your business.

Air circulator is the best alternative by moving the air in the room evenly, instead of directly. Just nice and comfortable for your dining customers.

Moreover, our air circulator has ionizer to purifier the stuffy air in your eatery place. Reducing all the odour, steam, smoke, and smells.


Floor area


Restaurant indoor area

Benefits to F&B

  • Improve ventilation system
  • Eliminate odour and purify indoor air
  • Provide comfortable environment
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction
  • Save on daily operational cost