Solution to dairy farm

The air circulator will circulate the air around evenly, which makes sure all the animals have equal air ventilation. Air circulators will help to rely less on air conditioners because not all animals are used to extreme low celsius and force blowing air.

With its purifier, the air circulator also generates better air quality for the animals to stay healthy and helps you avoid any business losses.

Eco Breeze air circulator is also an energy-saving fan, which you will rely less on the air conditioner to reach certain cooling temperatures.

Another fan product to recommend is the High Volume Low Speed fan. Short form is HVLS fan. It's an industrial fan that moves the most air over the extensive area at the lowest cost. Suitable for large areas like a warehouse, factory, store room, mall, airport, assembly hall, etc.


Dairy farming


Large dairy farm area

Benefits to dairy farm

  • Ventilation provide air movement past the animals to remove excess heat
  • Circulating fans may be required during extremely hot weather to increase airflow across the animal
  • Improve animal health and comfort
  • remove moisture and odors and replacing them with fresh air is necessary for livestock productivity
  • provides air movement that promotes cooling and improves air quality for confined animals