HVLS Industrial fan with super large energy saving fan and to produce large scale of natural wind which lead to double functions of ventilation and temperature cooling as well as dehumidification function.
  • HVLS industrial Fan is a super larger energy-saving fan with diameter up to 7.3 meters (24ft).
  • The airfoil Blade, which are developed with the advanced technologies and principle of aerodynamics. A power of 1.5kw or less, that more a High Volume(13,500m³ /min) of air at a Low Speed and cools up to 1000 square meters.
  • Produce a large scale of natural wind, which leads to the double functions of ventilation and Temperature cooling, as well as dehumidification.
  • The Ideal solution to ventilation and cool the air in large area

Product Advantages

  • Large Area Coverage > 1000m2
  • Tridimensional Wind from all direction
  • Natural, Comfortable, Gentle Breeze
  • Maintenance free, Long Life Span
  • Space Saving & Elegant Outlook
  • Low Noise


  • Wind chill effect
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Dehumidification


Fan diameter: 7.3/6.1/5.5/4.6/3.7/2.8
Power(kW): 1.2
Rpm: 70
Air Delivery: 15000m3/min
Application Area: 1800sqm
Noise: 36 dBA
Motor type: Importer Germany Motor
Weight: 100KG 



Remote Controlled High Volume Low Speed fan with DC Motor and Aluminium Alloy Fan Blade. Elegant looking fan suitable for big space whilst maintaining low energy consumption.

Features and Benefits

  • Stable and Quiet Operation
  • Aluminium Alloy Fan Blade
  • Remote Controlled
  • 5 Speed Setting With
  • Timer Setting
  • Energy Saving Products


Voltage : 220-240V /50Hz
Rated Power : 150W
Fan Blade Size : 120 inches
Speed Variation : 5 Speed
Fan Motor : High Quality DC Motor
Blade Material : Aluminium Alloy
RPM : 85
Wind Speed : 3.5 m/s
Coverage Area : 390m² (max height 6m)
Colour Selection : Black