Eco Breeze 16 Inch Wall Fan (3 Blade)(White)

Wall fans are commonly found in the kitchen, dining area, store, the garage where installation of a ceiling fan is impossible or not suitable for the owner. Wall Fan can also be found in most industries or factories to continuously cool the area down without breaking the bank because it usually consumes low wattage and is easy to maintain.

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Eco Breeze 16 Inch Wall Fan (3 Blade)(White)

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⭐ Deliver powerful performance than most similar products & consume only 50watt at top speed.

⭐ We use 100% Copper Wiring to ensure the durability of the fans & last longer than aluminum wiring fans.

⭐ Smooth Electronic Oscillation Motor that increases its air efficiency & evenly all day long.

⭐ Increase your productivity with our quiet & smoother fan operation.

⭐ Minimalist designed wall fan helps create larger space visually without sacrificing the performance.

⭐ 16” fan blade able to provide efficient airflow for space like kitchen, garage, store &, etc.

⭐ Rigid Neck Joints that are able to keep you & your family cool without worries.

⭐ Easy Installation that even you can do yourself.

⭐ Keep your area cool with our low watt but the high fan speed

⭐ Enjoy the high speed with lowest watt usage (50 watts at high speed)

⭐ Three (3) years warranty direct to a local manufacturer, save the time sending back to origin country & wait for the result.

⭐ We Cool Your Worries – Product registered under SIRIM and IEC

⭐ Cool not just your house. But, your room, your office, or your workplace

Weight 8 kg

220 – 240 V

Power Consumption



Left Right Auto Oscillation
Up & Down Manual Oscillation
Easy to Install
Eco-Energy Saving
Eco Motor Technologies

Warranty Details

1 Year Full Product Warranty


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