Big Fan for high ventilation result

One of HVLS Fan model from the high end innovation by Eco Breeze. A technology that invented to serve efficiently in big spaces. Eco Breeze High Volume Low Speed fan can accelerate the air mixing of whole space with the air exchange from outside air providing people a comfortable environment. Get FREE consultation today. Send us text via WhatsApp or call us at +603-8068 2628.


Our High Volume Low Speed Fan model EB-BF-P73 comes with specifications below:

  • Fan dia : 7.3meter
  • Motor Power: 1.5kw
  • RPM: 0~54
  • Air Flow: 15,000 (m3/min)
  • Applicable Area : 1800 Sqm
  • Noise: 36 dba


Eco Breeze HVLS Fans provide great advantages for big size applications.

  • Large area coverage more than 1000m².
  • Essentially silent quieter than a human conversation.
  • Tri-dimensional wind from all directions.
  • Space saving and elegant looking.
  • Natural, comfortable, gentle breeze.
  • Maintenance free, long life span.
Eco Breeze HVLS Fan that creates better ventilation for large industrial environment.

Eco Breeze is Malaysia Top HVLS fans manufacturer for industrial High Volume Low Speed fans in Malaysia. With target applications; workshop, logistic warehouse, car station, hospital, school auditorium, church, exhibition center, 4S store, hotel canteen, supermarket and gym.

  • Ideal for large industrial environment.
  • For maximum durability.
  • Installed where maximum air flow needed.
  • Comes with FREE delivery and 5-year warranty.

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