Air Circulator EB-3338


Energy saving air circulator equiped with the latest sustainable TiO2 self-cleaning bacterial mechanism.
RCP: RM999.00 (West Malaysia)


Voltage: 220-240V, 50 HZ
Motor Type: DC Motor
Air Delivery: 90 m3/min
Application Area: 12sqm
Main Function:
+ Timer Mode
+ Remote Controlled
+ TiO2 + Nanophotocatalysis Technology
Fan Blade: 14 inches (36cm)
Installation Area: 600mm x 600mm
Weight: 7kg
Colour: White (Other colours upon request)
Container Load: 265pcs/20'HQ ; 750pcs/40'HQ

What is Nano-Photocatalysist?

Photocalysis is a process whereby the coating of TiO2 Nanophotocatalytic materials, when illuminated by UV light, generate OH ion and hence oxidizing harmful substances such as bacterias, allergen, germs cells in the air and then decompose them into normal water molecules and carbon dioxide.

As we can see, no harmful or dangerous elements was used or produced throughout the entire reaction. This could be considered one of the most environmentally friendly and safer method for disinfection function. Only minimal maintenance is required as TiO2 nanophotocatalytic materials possess self-cleaning properties. Thus, it easy to maintan and safe to use.

Ceiling Air Circulator

Air Circulator EB-3338

  • Energy Saving
  • With Nano-Photocatalyst
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Remote Controlled

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