Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan

Eco Breeze ceiling fan is a high quality regulator-controlled  ceiling fan created with the concept of energy saving in mind. The ceiling is tested according to the toughest standard in the ceiling fan market, and with 3 tier safety features in mind, hence you can rest assured about the quality and safety of the fan.

The Motor

All the motors used for our products are furnished with components of the highest quality. This in turn giving us maximum efficiency with the lowest energy wastage. That is why our product are able to generate great airflow with only a fraction of the electricity cost. Besides that, the lifespan of the ceiling fan is of course longer than others and more durable in different applications. 

Fit Everywhere

With the contemporary design of the ceiling fan, it can be installed anywhere without compromising on the aesthetic of the surroundings. 

Safety Mechanism

Our ceiling fan are manufactured according to the highest standard specified for ceiling fan. It was equipped with 3-tier safety mechanism to prevent any accident or failure from happening. 

Double Bolt Feature

We use double bolt to secure the rod between the motor and the rod. This is to make sure that even if one of the bolt fail, there's another bolt there to provide signal for us to repair the set. Double the bolt, double the safety.

Safety Wire

The safety wire is tested to be able to hold up to 10 times the weight of the ceiling fan. In the event that the ceiling fan fall down, the safety wire will hold the ceiling fan in place for some time so that the people underneath will have ample time to escape. 

Thermal Fuse

Whenever there's abnormality in the motor that caused the temperature of the motor to rise, the thermal fuse will cut off the fan operation, to prevent further damage or accident. This serve as a checkpoint for motor temperature.

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